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How often are you logged in when accessing the AGA’s website? If your answer is "rarely" or "only when I need something in that section" (i.e. register for an event, read member news), I would highly encourage you to rethink your approach. 

Logged In
Figure 1: User IS logged in

There are a number of reasons why it’s advantageous to stay logged in (or login upon coming to the site), and the implementation of some new AGA marketing tools just added to that list. 

Here's a quick snapshot of my top three reasons to verify you are logged in every time you visit the site:

  1. Search function – members who are logged in will receive members only content in search results - these are designated and prioritized for easy access.
  2. Publications – members who are logged in and want to download a PDF "skip the gate" which means you are not asked to fill in the form but are rather immediately directed to the PDF.
  3. Cookies – one of our new tools Feathr, places a cookie on site visitors’ devices so we can “follow” them when they leave our site and retarget them as necessary. Our developers have coded this tool to “ignore” members who are logged in, so this will prevent you from being retargeted unnecessarily.

So, if you are not in the routine of logging in when you access the site, these are three great reasons to make this a new habit in 2019. 

Not Logged In
Figure 2: User is NOT logged in

It is incredibly simple to verify if you are logged in by checking the upper right-hand corner of the screen once you enter the site. If you see “Members Area” in blue and “Sign Out” in a blue box you ARE logged in (Figure 1). If you see “Login” and “Sign Up” in blue boxes you are NOT logged in (Figure 2). 

Every employee at a member company who will access the site is eligible for and should have their own, individual member login. If someone at your company needs a login, please have them fill out the registration form at using their company email address, and we will grant them access.