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Those who use the AGA’s Life-Cycle Cost Calculator (LCCC) know this online tool uses paint costs from a 2007 survey conducted by KTA, a premier paint industry consultant. The survey results were presented at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) conference in 2008 and subsequently published in the NACE Paper No.08279, Expected Service Life and Cost Considerations for Maintenance and New Construction Protective Coating Work. At the 2014 NACE conference, KTA presented updated paint system cost data in NACE Paper No. C2014 – 4088 with the same title and in the same format as the one used six years earlier, and the AGA plans to use this new data in the tables used to generate the LCCC output. We will be working with our website developer to make the database changes and will announce the release of the updated LCCC when it is available.