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AGA Marketing Coordinator Emily Shinkle has left the AGA as she and her husband Tyler have moved to Cincinnati following his recent work promotion. Although only here for a short time, Emily left a stamp o the association. She stepped into the planning of the Annual Conference at the 11th hour (1 month before we left for Tucson) and helped it run seamlessly. Emily also planned the 2018 TechForum in Tulsa, brought new life to the Galvanize Your Campus program, including helping launch the In Studio Made Design Competition. She put tremendous effort into developing relationships with members and keeping everyone abreast of developments while managing the AGA Update. We will miss her positive energy and adventurous soul as well as her willingness to help out the team or other staff in any way. Although the parting was unexpected and too soon for both Emily and us, we are excited for her family’s new opportunity and look forward to hearing about their successes in Ohio.