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The American Galanvizers Association (AGA) has completed two health product declarations (HPDs) for hot-dip galvanized steel products.  HPDs are a requirement for building materials in LEED® v4 under the Material Ingredients credit.  In North America, there are only three types of zinc used in the galvanizing kettle - Prime Western, High Grade, and Special High Grade zinc.  ASTM specifications dictate hot-dip galvanizing kettles must have 98% pure zinc and because the requirement states only materials above 1000 ppm must be reported, the AGA is able to supply industry standard HPDs.  The zinc coating on a hot-dip galvanized product only accounts for 2% of the mass - the other 98% would be the base steel material.    

Through the Health Product Declaration Collaborative ( the AGA has created two HPDs for hot-dip galvanized steel.  The material content information is nearly identical for High Grade and Special High Grade zinc, so there is one HPD for products galvanized in those kettles, and a separate HPD for galvanized products with Prime Western Zinc in their kettles.   You can view the HPDs here: 

Please contact the AGA if you have any further questions.