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The AGA along with member galvanizers AZZ Metal Coatings, South Atlantic Galvanizing, Valmont Coatings, and V&S Galvanizing will be attending NASCC 2024: The Steel Conference on March 20-22 in San Antonio, TX. For the third consecutive year, each booth will be participating in Galvanizing Games, a collaborative event including games and prizes on the show floor. Be sure to visit each booth to learn about hot-dip galvanized steel and various resources the AGA has to offer. Each booth will be passing out a unique piece of AGA swag (notebooks, golf balls, multi-tools, etc.). The top 3 winners to compete in all the games will win a gift card. Also, by participating in the games at every booth, attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $500 VISA gift card! Please share this with others who are attending NASCC.

American Galvanizers AssociationBooth # 2043
AZZ Metal CoatingsBooth # 821
South Atlantic GalvanizingBooth # 1442
Valmont CoatingsBooth # 1708
V&S GalvanizingBooth # 1034

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