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CENTENNIAL, CO – The cost of corrosion protective coatings is always a concern when specifying steel exposed to the atmosphere.  Economics is also one of the key tenets within sustainability.  With that in mind, the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is pleased to announce the relaunch of the online Life-Cycle Cost Calculator at and the release of a new Costs Less, Lasts Longer publication. 


The Life-Cycle Cost Calculator (LCCC) automates the calculation from ASTM A1068 Standard Practice for Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Corrosion Protection Systems on Iron and Steel Products using cost data from a survey of paint manufacturers from the KTA-Tator paper published at NACE in 2014 entitled Expected Service Life and Cost Considerations for Maintenance and New Construction Protective Coating Work. The galvanizing cost data is derived from a 2014 AGA Industry Survey.  The LCCC update includes all of the new 2014 cost data, a new design template, and more user-friendly functionality. 

The AGA originally launched the Life-Cycle Cost Calculator in 2007.  The calculator was updated in 2010 to include the option to evaluate duplex systems (hot-dip galvanizing and paint).  The LCCC allows specifiers to compare either the initial and life-cycle costs of hot-dip galvanizing or a duplex system to various other corrosion protection coatings.  The user inputs three simple forms of data about a particular project including size, service life expectancy, exposure atmosphere, inflation and interest, and the calculator will run the ASTM A1068 equation and return the results in a customizable, printable format. 

Lccc Report

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In conjunction with the update of the Life-Cycle Cost Calculator, the AGA has released a new Costs Less, Lasts Longer publication which discusses the parameters of initial and life-cycle cost analyses, and provides four case studies.  In each case study, the LCCC was used to compare the initial and life-cycle costs of the hot-dip galvanized or duplex system to the paint system considered.  In all four case studies, the life-cycle cost of utilizing hot-dip galvanizing is more efficient, and in many cases, even the initial cost is more economical.

For more information about the Life-Cycle Cost Calculator, or to run your own analysis, please visit  Or to download a free copy of the Costs Less, Lasts Longer publication from the AGA website, visit  

For more information, please contact Marketing Director Melissa Lindsley