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Andrew Gamble


Member Company: Young Galvanizing, Inc.

  • Time in the Industry: 19 years 
  • Titles Held Throughout Industry Career: sales, marketing, general management


  • BA from Sacramento State University

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

Meeting customers and developing and promoting people within my company.

Most Significant Developments in the Industry during My Career

  • Shale gas
  • Use of the internet
  • China Imports

My View of the Current State of the Industry

I'm optimistic about infrastructure development. However, I believe we face an immense challenge in the coming years to find reliable employees. 

My View of the Impact of the AGA

The AGA has been a consistent source of information and marketing help.

Other Interesting Things That Shape My Life

Outside of the office, I enjoy road racing formula cars. 

Interesting Fact

I have a California birth certificate.

Words of Wisdom

If you come to an intersection with no stop sign, don't stop. 

Favorite Quote

"Time to make the donuts."