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The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards. More than 120 projects, representing the versatility and allure of hot-dip galvanizing, were judged online by a panel of architects and engineers and are now featured in the AGA Project Gallery.

Horizon Oil Sands Slurry Preparation Plant 01

The 2017 winners showcase the resilient and illustrious hot-dip galvanized coating. The preeminent award, designated Most Distinguished, was given to the Horizon Oil Sands Slurry Preparation Plant (SPP) in Alberta, Canada.  The SPP liquefies oil sand ore for further treatment, and is part of the massive $10 billion investment in the Horizon Oil Sands development. The rugged nature of the extraction site and corrosiveness of the liquefaction process present serious corrosion challenges. This coupled with the fact the engineers wanted to design the plant to be relocatable led to the decision to hot-dip galvanize the steel in the SPP.  This innovative use of hot-dip galvanizing provides Horizon with a cost-effective, long lasting plant to facilitate North Americas goal of energy independence.

Baseball Man 281129


The Lifetime Achievement Award was granted to the resilient Baseball Man.  This special award recognizes galvanized projects with at least 15 years of service these projects are also featured in the AGAs Galvanized Steel Studies (GSS). Which are YouTube video case studies that include interviews with the owners and/or specifiers of the projects detailing its performance over the years. Baseball Man is a topiary designed in 2001, greets visitors at the Gulfport Sportsplex in Mississippi. In order to withstand the internal irrigation system and harsh fertilizers used, the topiary was constructed with a hot-dip galvanized frame.  In 2005, Baseball Man and the Sportsplex were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Later that year, tragedy struck again when vandals set the topiary on fire leaving the remainder of the moss and greenery smoldering. Baseball Man was removed from the park, but the Chief Groundskeeper refused to give up on him, and decided to replant the topiary. Thanks to the tenacious hot-dip galvanized frame, which was unscathed after the violent fire and rain, Baseball Man has been restored to his former glory and will be back to greet visitors of the Sportsplex this year!

Minnesota Vikings Legacy Ship 17

In addition to ruggedness and resiliency, some winning projects highlighted the resplendency of hot-dip galvanized steel. For example, the Minnesota Vikings Legacy Ship in Minneapolis won the Artistic category. The Legacy Ship dominates the entrance to the new US Bank Stadium, paying tribute to the teams namesake. The 43-foot tall iconic ship with bow dragon head greets fans as they enter the stadium with a giant media board. Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel ensures the Legacy Ship can face the onslaught of Minnesota winters while maintaining its aesthetics and structural integrity.

Dog Shelter 07

Two other projects capitalizing on aesthetics were the winners of the Duplex System award. A duplex system is hot-dip galvanized steel combined with paint or powder coatings. This year, there were two projects recognized: a Dog Shelter in Doral, Florida and the Place Alta Vista Pergola in Terrebonne, Quebec. The Miami-Dade Animal Service Pet Adoption and Protection Center is an adaptive re-use project transforming a 30-year old warehouse into a 70,000 square foot animal service center. The facility is the largest climate-controlled animal shelter in the country, and was designed to maximize human-animal interaction. However, the shelter is located in an urban environment, exposed to pollution, weather, and salty-air, so the building needed to be corrosion resistant and aesthetically appealing. To meet these goals, the main façade, canopy entrance, and side courtyard were all galvanized and then painted ensuring the shelter can continue to connect pets with new owners for decades.

Place Alta Vista Pergola, Terrebonne, QC Canada

The Place Alta Vista Pergola is a symbolic representation of the new eco-friendly suburban development. The ring pergola has a Voronoi distribution design, representing the balance and equality necessary to meet the vision of sustainability for the new neighborhood. The natural occurring zinc of the hot-dip galvanized coating assures a long service life, especially with the duplex paint system proving even greater durability. The Place Alta Vista Pergola symbolizes a better way to develop our cities with hot-dip galvanized steel taking its rightful place in this hallmark of sustainable development.

Mc Kinney Aquatics Center 09

 A number of projects did their best to utilize hot-dip galvanizing for both its rugged resiliency and illustrious appearance. One such example is the Apex Centre in McKinney, Texas which took home the Recreation & Entertainment award. The Apex Centre, an 80,000 square foot facility, was developed to provide a practical, safe, and fun escape for the community. It houses a gymnasium, sports courts, elevated track, child care, classrooms, locker rooms, and a 10,000 square foot pool. Expected to be a cornerstone of the community for both current and future generations, it was paramount to build the facility in a sustainable manner. As the backbone of the Apex Center, hot-dip galvanized steel will protect the heart of the McKinney community for generations.

Rubb Usa Aircraft Hangar 01

Another project coupling the resiliency and resplendency of hot-dip galvanized steel is the Building & Architecture winner Rubb USA Aircraft Hangar at Rockford International Airport. This project displays the versatility of hot-dip galvanizing by combining beautiful design work with practical engineering to provide adequate space for maintenance and repairs on aircraft. The hangar is fitted with a five-panel mega door with pivoting mullions to allow access up to an Airbus A380 jet. The structures contain 1,100 tons of hot-dip galvanized columns, beams, and peripheral steel which will provide cost effective, long-term corrosion protection.

Cove Point Lng Expansion 09

Sometimes hot-dip galvanized steel is specified solely for its rugged, tenacious durability, such as the winners in the Industrial; Electric, Utility, and Communication (EUC); and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) categories. The Industrial Award went to the Cove Point LNG Expansion in Lusby, Maryland. Cove Point is a gas liquefaction plant that adds diversity to the nations energy production. The new plant will facilitate the export of LNG to new markets and help balance the global dependence on oil. The harsh environment of the massive facility could easily turn this project into a maintenance nightmare, taking away from the ability to consistently produce LNG for exports. However, thanks to the durable, long-lasting hot-dip galvanized steel which can withstand the rigors of LNG production, the Cove Point Facility will be able to supply an alternative energy source within our borders and beyond uninterrupted for decades to come.

Maritime Link Project Converter Stations 04

The EUC winning project highlights hot-dip galvanized steels use in another alternative energy source. The Maritime Link Project Converter Stations were built to bring clean, green hydro-electric power from Labrador, Canada to the Northeastern United States. The Maritime Link is the first project connecting island of Newfoundland to the North American electricity market delivering renewable energy to Nova Scotia and throughout New England. Each of the two converter stations utilized 1,230 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel. Rugged, long-lasting, sustainable, and cost-efficient hot-dip galvanizing is integral to protecting the assets of this alternative energy project now and in the future.

Snow Scrapers And Blowers 04

The OEM award was given to the Snow Scrapers and Blowers in Quebec City. Cotech, a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer wanted to explore the benefits of incorporating hot-dip galvanizing into its line of snow removal machinery. The design of the adjustable scrapers was modified to minimize the cost of galvanizing as well as maximize the potential benefits. Once DSH, a snow removal contractor, purchased the hot-dip galvanized scrapers and witnessed their effectiveness, they asked their supplier of snow blowers, Pronovost, for galvanized blowers as well. Similar to the scrapers, the galvanizer worked with Pronovost to redesign their blowers for the hot-dip galvanizing process. Now DSH has a full fleet of snow removal equipment resistant to the abrasion and corrosivity of salt-laced roadways.

Ste Marie De Beauce Multipurpose Overpass 02

Two projects marrying the rugged resiliency and beauty of hot-dip galvanized steel were the winners in Bridge & Highway and Transportation. The Ste-Marie de Beauce Multipurpose Overpass in Quebec won the Bridge & Highway category. The overpass is the longest span pedestrian bridge in Quebec at almost 700 feet. The suspension bridge will not just serve pedestrians, but also all sorts of leisure equipment such as snowmobiles, four-wheelers, bicycles, and skis to eliminate the need for dangerous ice crossings.  Harsh winters, a humid climate, and a limited maintenance budget made hot-dip galvanizing strong steel combined with the protective power of zinc the go to solution for corrosion-free longevity.   

Goodale Street Parking Garage 10

The Transportation winner was the Goodale Street Parking Garage in Columbus, Ohio. This eight-story garage, built at no expense to tax payers, includes an LED lighting system that illuminates the structure at night, and expanded the parking capacity by more than 600 spaces. Hot-dip galvanizing provided design freedom for the overall aesthetic of the garage, while providing durability and low cost both initially and over the life-cycle. Furthermore, the sustainable aspects of hot-dip galvanized steel, including its 100% recyclability, met the sustainable goals of the city of Columbus.

Sharon Fields 06

The winning projects for Civic Contribution, Water & Marine, and the International categories feature the illustrious look of the hot-dip galvanized coating, while also reaping the benefits of its sustainability. The Civic Contribution Award was presented to Sharon Fields in Alleghany County, Virginia. This innovative project was a collaboration between the design/buildLAB at Virginia Techs School of Architecture, Clifton Forge Little League, and the Allegheny Foundation. The charitable project provided the Virginia Tech students with an invaluable hands-on learning experience, while fulfilling a need in the community for an adequate facility to mentor children and host tournaments. The project consisted of two customized, visually appealing backstops and a press box constructed of light gauge steel tubing, structural steel, and expanded metal all hot-dip galvanized for longevity.

Volcano Bay At Universal Orlando 07

Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort won the Water & Marine Award this year. Set to open in Spring 2017, the new water park will welcome millions of tourists and locals who visit the theme park annually. At the center of Volcano Bay stands Krakatau, a manmade volcano that houses waterslides and a wave pool for family entertainment. The design team at Universal Studios specified hot-dip galvanized steel for the volcanos support structure, due to many years of satisfactory maintenance-free service on previous water park projects. With an ever mindful eye on safety, the design team as well as visitors of Volcano Bay can rest easy knowing hot-dip galvanizing offers unparalleled corrosion resistance to the new must see attraction.

Melbourne University Arts Faculty Redevelopment 031

Another project capitalizing on the resplendence of hot-dip galvanized steel is the Melbourne University Arts Faculty Redevelopment in Australia, which took home the International Award. The renovated Arts Faculty building features a stunning louvered façade on three sides for aesthetic appeal. Because the façades primary purpose is visual appeal, the project team wanted to ensure the visual integrity, and not worry about unsightly rust, they opted to hot-dip galvanized all of the louvres. More than 480 individually numbered steel frames were fabricated and galvanized, then installed piece-by-piece like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The end result is an alluring design that will benefit from the cost-effective longevity provided by hot-dip galvanized steel.

Pipe Supports For Houwelings Heat Recovery System 01

The last of the 2017 Excellence Awards winners are two Food & Agriculture projects. The first winner was the Pipe Supports for Houwelings Heat Recovery System in Mona, Utah. The 28.3 acre greenhouse farm was built adjacent to an existing Rocky Mountain power plant with an agreement allowing them to capture flue gases from the plant stack and utilize the heat and carbon dioxide to grow tomatoes year round. Hot-dip galvanizing is used in the support structure bringing the beneficial heat and CO2 to the tomatoes. This sustainable, innovative project is a win-win for both Houweling and the power plant, as it reduces emissions to the environment by repurposing them to grow more than 500,000 pounds of fresh, tasty tomatoes annually. Hot-dip galvanizing corrosion resistance will allow Houweling to continue to focus on harvesting Utah grown tomatoes uninterrupted for years to come.

Olymel Saint Espirit 01

The second Food & Agriculture award was given to the Olymel Saint-Esprit meat processing plant in Quebec. The $25 million meat processing plant was designed to increase production and includes new energy efficient refrigeration areas. The condensation caused by refrigeration and the intense use of aggressive cleaning solutions necessary in any food handling facility creates a very destructive environment for steel structures. However, Olymel chose to protect the entire building structure as well as machinery support structures and exterior platforms for the cooling equipment with hot-dip galvanizing. With cost-effective, low maintenance galvanizing silently protecting its new investment, Olymel is free to focus on its fine line of meat products.

Congratulations to all of this years winners, which will be featured in the Winners section of the AGA Project Gallery as well as on the AGA homepage (, various publications, seminars, and other marketing materials. In addition to these winners, all of the projects submitted to the 2017 competition are featured in the Case Studies section of the AGA Project Gallery.