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Deby Sprl, Metal Expert Team and University of Lille propose to train you on the galvanizing of cast iron and cast steel. This course will focus on optimizing the galvanizing process for cast iron/steel, education on the market, and deepening the knowledge about cast iron and cast steel.

When: Tuesday, June 20th - 21st, 2017

Training Content

First day: 9:00 AM training at INRA and after lunch
at Lyceum Eifel Armentières till 4:30pm

  1. Metallurgical bases of cast iron & steel and galvanizing. Influence of various process parameters on galvanizing quality. Visit an experimental foundry in Armentieres Gustave Eifel Lyceum
  2. Properly prepare cast parts for galvanizing: focus on shot blasting

Second day: 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM at INRA

  1. Corrosion resistance of cast iron & steel: painted vs. galvanized.  How to galvanize the different kinds of casted parts: fluxing, drying, centrifugal galvanizing, quenching, passivation, and their influences on the galvanized quality/corrosion resistance
  2. Conclusions

Language: The training will be held in English, the slides will be projected in French and English.

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