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The AGA offers two courses providing valuable information to galvanizers involved in the operations of the plant and the inspection of galvanized steel. The Process Seminar covers four modules covering the galvanizing process. Those who complete this course will be recognized as "Master Galvanizers." The Inspection Course is available to specifiers and members who will be inspecting galvanized steel in the shop or field. Those who complete the course receive a certificate and have their name included on the Inspector Listing on the AGA site. More information regarding the descriptions of each course is included below.

Process Seminar Course 

The Process Seminar Course was created for galvanizers as a training method for all of the staff in the galvanizing operations staff. The course material is appropriate from General Managers to racking and clean-up workers. The course consists of four separate modules that explore different sections of the total galvanizing process. The first module explores the whole operation on a very general level. The second module explains the chemical baths and the interactions between chemicals and steel as well as chemicals and zinc. The third module describes the hot-dip galvanizing reactions at the galvanizing kettle. This module describes equipment and procedures for producing a high quality galvanizing coating. It also describes the by-products from the operation such as dross and skimmings. The final module explores the handling of steel throughout the operation. It focuses on handling equipment and techniques to move large loads safely through the galvanizing process. This module also explores the ways to measure productivity in the galvanizing operation and challenges galvanizers to invent new ways to be efficient in this 150 year old process. At the completion of the four modules, the attendees will be recognized as “Master Galvanizers.” This will come with a certificate recognizing their accomplishment. Fore more information, contact Technical Director Tom Langill

Galvanized Steel Inspection Course

The American Galvanizers Association developed the Inspection Course to assist galvanizers, engineers, specifiers, and fabricators as well as to train outside inspectors in the requirements that are detailed in the ASTM Specifications employed when fabricated steel parts are hot-dip galvanized. The course focuses on the three main ASTM specifications, A123, A153, and A767, that contain the requirements for a delivered hot-dip galvanized product. The course material also focuses on the exact language of the specification to explain the explicit requirements as well as the implied requirements based on the specification language. This course discusses the expected end state of the galvanizing process as well as responsibilities of the various parties responsible for producing a fabricated steel product that has a hot-dip galvanized coating. The design and fabrication processes and their relationship to the final coating are also covered. Examples of coating discrepancies and their probable cause as well as their resolution are topics for this course. Lastly, the course covers the inspection details such as measurement tools and their proper use and sampling details for multiple pieces of the same material. All engineers, specifiers, and fabricators are invited to take this online course.


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