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The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) has released three more videos as a part of the Galvanized Steel Studies (GSS) video series. All three videos were filmed in August around various locations in Ohio.

Pickaway County Bridge Thumbnail

The first video was filmed at the Cromley Road Bridge in Pickaway County, Ohio. Galvanized in 2009, the bridge replaced a structurally deficient bridge. Chris Mullins, Pickaway County Engineer, and Art Rogovin of US Bridge discussed the many reasons hot-dip galvanized steel was chosen to protect this steel truss bridge. “We look at hot-dip galvanizing as more than just a protective coating system. It’s an integral part of the steel, so it provides long corrosion resistance and equates to lower maintenance costs,” notes Mullins.

Fpc Thumbnail

Next, Paul Pryor was interviewed at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. Pryor was the construction administrator on the building project when it was constructed for Ameriflora in 1992. “We chose to galvanize this structure so it would last for at least one hundred years or more,” notes Pryor. Because the Conservatory utilizes a duplex system of paint over hot-dip galvanized steel, a one hundred year life should be no problem for the building.

Bridges Of Stark County Thumb

The last video filmed shows two bridges in Stark County Ohio: The Third Street Bridge in Beach City, Ohio, and the Blough Avenue Bridge in Navarre, Ohio. Stark County Engineer Keith Bennet notes the use of hot-dip galvanizing throughout the history of the Stark County Engineers, noting how its cost effectiveness was a factor in the initial decision to galvanize bridges in this county back in the 1970s. Stark County Bridge Engineer Scott Basinger notes the benefits of using galvanized steel in the bridges throughout the county, emphasizing its maintenance-free longevity.

About Galvanized Steel Studies

The American Galvanizers Association continuously develops digital video case studies of older galvanized steel projects. The intention of these Galvanized Steel Studies videos is to show how galvanized steel has performed over the lifetime of each project. One to two people involved with each project are interviewed regarding galvanized steel’s performance, as well as why it was chosen and how it has affected their view towards galvanizing other steel projects.

The Galvanized Steel Studies videos focus on projects that have been in service for at least ten years. These types of projects are selected to showcase the longevity of hot-dip galvanized steel, which is one of its primary benefits. Though longevity may be noted as a reason for specifying hot-dip galvanizing at the outset of the project, seeing its progression through the years carries additional weight.  All videos are available on both our YouTube channel and Facebook page