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Personal Conduct

At all meetings, receptions, activities, and while interacting with other AGA members and guests during the conference, attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and be responsible for personal behavior respectful of others and the esteem and reputation of the Association and our great industry.


  • Attendees are to respect the opinions of other attendees and engage in conversation in a tone suitable for one-on-one discourse
  • Attendees are to refrain from using profane language when nearby others not involved in the conversation
  • Harassment of other attendees in any form and for any reason is prohibited.
  • Language and imagery of a sexual nature is not appropriate
  • Conduct deemed disruptive and inappropriate includes disorderly behavior caused by inebriation, actions that create unsafe conditions (like a trip hazard, pushing, shoving), and noisy activity that interferes with presentations (like loud, side conversations and cellphones ringing)
  • Attendees are always to abide by the AGA Anti-Trust and Conflict of Interest Policy Statement during meetings, receptions, activities, and networking/interaction
  • Attendees are to obey all applicable local, state/province, and federal laws and venue policies, including non-smoking and noise restrictions.

Reporting and Consequences

Should unacceptable or inappropriate behavior be experienced or observed by any attendee, he/she should report the violation of the Statement of Personal Conduct to one of the AGA staff on-site or a director on the Board of Directors.

If the association receives reports that a conference participant has failed to abide by this Personal Conduct Statement, then the association may take whatever actions it deems appropriate, including, for example, expulsion from the conference without refund, notification of participant’s employer, and disqualification from attending future events.