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Flaking takes place when a brittle or sometimes excessively thick galvanized coating, usually associated with reactive steel chemistry, is impacted or handled roughly. These susceptible coatings can sometimes experience flaking during shipping or installation due to increased handling and risk of impact. If repairs are necessary (learn more about inspection), the galvanizer is responsible for repairs to remedy flaking damage that occurs at the galvanizing facility. The customer is responsible for repairs to damage from flaking that occurred under their ownership.

Repairs are not always necessary, but if they are, they should be performed with allowable materials in accordance with ASTM A780. Field repairs made under customer ownership have no size limitation.

Flaking does not happen spontaneously and requires an impact force to occur. Flaking is not known to continue after installation. Applications that are expected to continually experience impact forces may require some additional attention. However, nearly all cases of flaking occur during or prior to installation.

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