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How do the requirements of the appendixes of ASTM A767/A 767M affect the galvanizer since they are related to job-site practices and not the processing of the rebar?

Galvanized Rebar
Galvanized Rebar

Galvanizers are mandated to follow the requirements listed in ASTM A767/ A767M, which is the product standard. Galvanizers are not responsible for shipment of the bars to the job-site or practices at the job-site; however, when an architect or engineer cites Standard Specifications for Structural Concrete ACI 301, additional requirements are included concerning the handling of the galvanized rebar during shipment and at the job-site.

If the project specifications do not state what those guidelines for handling the galvanized rebar are, Appendix X1 gives recommended practices that can be used. Some of the topics in Appendix X1 include preventing abrasion of the galvanized coating when handling and moving rebar, proper storage of the rebar, isolating dissimilar metals, criteria for rejecting damaged coatings, and repair of damaged coatings on rebar. These practices are intended to prevent damage to the galvanized rebar to ensure it performs as designed. Appendix X2 further discusses isolating dissimilar metals to prevent discoloration of the concrete above the galvanized rebar.

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