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The zinc coatings and applications chart displays zinc coatings and their application methods. It provides information on the process, specification details, coating thickness, and application. See the Zinc Coatings Publication for more detailed information.


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Jerry Carlson/ Tower Solutions

I was looking at what is called a Quick Link to purchase. The spec sheet says that it is Zinc coated. Listed as: FE/Zn 3AN per ASTM F1941/F1941M. My problem is I don't know if this is the coating I want. This Quick Link is used on a chain outside exposed to the elements. Will it rust quickly? The material is listed as Low Carbon Steel. Please let me know. Thanks, Jerry


Hi Jerry, ASTM F1941 is related to various types of electroplated/electro-deposited coatings over fasteners/hardware. These coatings are extremely thin and not typically specified for exterior use.

santosh kumar gouda

i wnt to zinc coating thiknesswise with timing mention.


Hello Santosh, Please refer to the AGA Time to First Maintenance Charts on our website:

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