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The term “cold galvanizing” is more of a marketing term than an actual process. Cold galvanizing is simply painting a piece of steel with zinc-rich paint. There are not tanks or preparation necessary other than the equipment you would need to paint any other material (blasting tools, spray guns or rollers, etc.). Because the coating is simply zinc-rich paint, it will not have the durability of hot-dip galvanizing in terms of abrasion resistance, cathodic protection, and service life (or time to first maintenance). The cathodic protection offered by zinc-rich paint is less than hot-dip galvanizing because there are binders and other elements in the paint which limit connectivity of the zinc particles.

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Octavian Breazu

Can the Rust-Oleum Cold Galvanizing Compound spray pain be top coated with car paint? I had a small surface in the front of the car where rust came up in many spots and kept coming, no matter what treatment I've used. Lately, I've found the cold galvanizing paints and decided to give it a try in that area. My plan was to apply several layers of zinc rich paint and then repaint with the original color. I consider it as a primer but I have a mixed feeling now. The manufacturer says "No top coat required" but this does not mean it cannot be top painted. Any idea? Thank you, Octavian

Alana Hochstein (AGA)

Octavian, Zinc rich paint is often top coated or it can be used alone. However, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the zinc rich paint to determine compatibility with the paint you wish to top coat it with and follow the manufacturer instructions regarding this process.

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