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I have a large order for an identical product requiring Just In Time (JIT) delivery, and thus I  will be storing several truckloads of galvanized material. Each bundle of material will contain several hundred pieces of the product and will be on skids. I dont have room inside my facility and will have to store it completely exposed to the weather in the post-galvanized steelyard.  What can I do to prevent the development of wet storage stain if I dont have passivation capability?

Proper storage for HDG steel is essential
Proper storage for HDG steel is essential

I assume the stacking of the products means they will be tightly nested and not allow for a good flow of air. If this is the case, in addition to the well-known steps of storing the bundles with one end higher than the other so moisture drains off the galvanized articles and tarping the bundles to prevent rain and snow from settling on the HDG steel, you may want to utilize styrofoam spacers between each piece.  This works especially well for angles.

For example, place the first angle on the skid, peak side up. Then place a ½ thick, 2 wide, 4 long piece of styrofoam across the peak, evenly spaced in two or three places along the length of the angle,  depending on length. Then nest the next piece on top. This second piece forces the styrofoam down both sides of the angle and effectively creates an air gap all along the piece. The styrofoam does not absorb water and the tarp and stacking slant prevent most moisture from the bundle anyway. As the bundle gets heavier with the addition of more pieces, the styrofoam compresses and you really have not used a  lot more volume on the skid than if the pieces were stacked and nested without the styrofoam spacers. And, you have not added much weight to the bundle/skid, so trucking expenses are kept to a minimum. Another plus, the styrofoam is far cheaper than wood strips and you can even purchase it to a custom form so placing it on the angles is quick and easy.

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