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This electro-deposited zinc coating consists of pure zinc tightly adherent to the steel. The coating is highly ductile and the coating remains intact even after severe deformation. The coating is produced on strip and sheet materials to coating weights up to 0.2 oz/ft2 (60 g/m2), or thickness up to 0.14 mils (3.6 µm) per side. On wire, coating weights may range up to 3 oz/ft2 (915 g/m2). Heat-treated and electrocoated wire can be cold drawn to about 95% reduction in area, depending on the chemical composition of the wire, heat treatment, and diameter.

The electrogalvanized coating can be treated to make it suitable for painting.  Due to the extremely thin zinc coating on the sheet, painting or other top coating is recommended to improve the service life.  Electrogalvanized sheet product is commonly used in automobile and appliance bodies.

See the Zinc Coatings Publication for more detailed information. 

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