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Types of Inspection

Black Banana Gauge
Black Banana Gauge

In this section, the type of inspections performed on hot-dip galvanized steel will be discussed. The various inspections are used to verify the necessary requirements for the galvanized product are met. These techniques for each test method are specified in ASTM A123/A123M, A153/A153M, or A767/A767M, depending upon the type of product being inspected. The most common inspections, listed below, range from a simple visual inspection to more sophisticated tests to determine embrittlement or adhesion.

  • Coating Thickness - magnetic gauges, optical microscopy
  • Coating Weight - weigh-galvanize-weigh, and weigh-strip-weigh
  • Finish and Appearance - visual inspection
  • Additional Tests
    • Adherence - stout knife
    • Embrittlement - similar bend radius, sharp blow, and steel angle
    • Chromating - spot test
    • Bending - minimum finished bend diameter table
  • Sampling
  • Field Inspection