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Speed of Construction

Bergen County Bridge
Bergen County Bridge

Time is money, and the quick delivery and erection of steel elements in the transportation industry will translate into taxpayer savings.

Several elements contribute to the fast erection time of steel structures such as bridges or rail or highway structures. Steel beams are fabricated offsite and delivered to the site ready for construction. Because steel members have a high strength-to-weight ratio, they are considerably smaller and lighter than traditional concrete elements.

The smaller size of the steel pieces makes them more easily maneuverable onsite. Smaller parts mean the elements arrive onsite quickly without the difficulties or delays posed by locations with limited delivery/construction access. They are delivered ready to be erected rapidly and efficiently by a crane.

Quick Turnaround

The hot-dip galvanizing process works swiftly and seamlessly into the assembly progression. After the steel members are fabricated, they are sent to the galvanizing plant. As the galvanizing process is completed at an indoor facility, there are no delays due to inclement weather; the pieces are in and out of the galvanizing plant, then promptly delivered to the site. With the swift turnaround time of these elements, builders are measuring completion times in weeks, not months.

Quick Erection/Installation

Speedy erection of the structure saves time and money; not only providing the savings benefits associated with fast turnaround time, but also putting the bridge into use more quickly. Utilizing small, easy to maneuver members with a prearranged method of erection makes construction simple, allowing the structure to fulfill its purpose quickly and efficiently. When using hot-dip galvanized rebar, there are no special handling requirements for implementation, unlike epoxy-coated rebar. This means the rebar goes in quicker and more efficiently as well.

Speed of Construction Case Study

I-465 Sound Wall - Indianapolis, IN; 2009

I-465 Sounds Wall, Indianapolis, IN
I-465 Sounds Wall, Indianapolis, IN

The I-465 Sound Wall required an expedited completion, considering the interstate is one of the most traveled roadways in the Midwest. Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel was the clear choice because of its quick turn around and long, maintenance-free life. The entire job was drop-shipped to the galvanizer, run through the speedy dip process then sent straight to the job site, allowing for customized turn-around time and quick, easy installation. Galvanized steel will also provide strong corrosion protection against the corrosive road salts used during the tough winters of Indiana. The installed noise barrier system was completed with minimal delay and will guard, maintenance-free, against the noise of traffic for surrounding inhabitants for decades of harsh Indiana winters.