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Construction Savings

Construction savings of HDG

In the construction world, time is money, and utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel can begin saving money from the beginning of the project. Whether erecting a structural steel bridge, a highway sign, an airport stairwell, or more, the time-efficient production process and delivery and lightweight, maneuverable nature of steel elements will save you time and money from the start.

Many specifiers have a misconception hot-dip galvanizing is not cost competitive on an initial cost basis; however, due to regular process improvement over the past 10 years, galvanized steel is now not only competitive but also often less expensive than other corrosion protection systems. Simple, uncomplicated steel designs take less time to develop and can be less costly than concrete or other competitors as well.

Fabricated and galvanized offsite, the steel members move quickly through production without interruption because both fabrication and the galvanizing process are performed indoors independent of weather hindrances. The pieces are then loaded and delivered to the site ready for erection.

Additionally, because steel beams are considerably lighter than heavy, unwieldy precast concrete elements, transportation costs are significantly less as well. Once delivered, lightweight building materials will reduce onsite crane requirements and also likely require fewer and smaller diameter caissons. Time saved during development, fabrication, delivery, and onsite erection all translate into cost savings during the initial construction or installation phase.