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Process Practices to Achieve AESS Category Characteristics

Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco 01
Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco

Although the final appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel weighs heavily on the steel chemistry and fabrication techniques, there are certain practices a galvanizer can employ to promote a more uniform appearance and minimize the amount of labor to perform necessary smoothing of the coating after HDG. When working with AESS projects, practices which minimize or avoid the need for touch-up, contouring, and/or blending are the best course of action. To achieve the requirements in the AESS categories, there will still be time/labor necessary to smooth the surface but taking the time to do as much as possible upfront to minimize this effort will provide the most profitable outcome. There are a number of proven practices that can help reduce the amount of smoothing and enhance the coating appearance that should be utilized and accounted for in your quote.