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Marking of Parts

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There are a number of products and/or practices used to mark steel parts for identification. The selection of these materials for AESS work is more critical than for ASTM A123 projects. With AESS projects, everything is looked at from an appearance focus, and certain types of markings are more prone to creating appearance inconsistencies and/or need for more touch-up. It is highly recommended to have discussions with the specifier and fabricator about marking products at the pre-project meeting. If markings are not needed post-galvanizing, a galvanizing pen or marker that will come off during regular cleaning is a great option from suppliers such as SKM Industries Super Met-Al1, HUB Industrial HUB-MARK1, Markal, Mighty Marker, Flomaster, etc. If markings are necessary after galvanizing, utilize stamping, welding, welded tags, temporary tags proven to work under galvanizing temperatures (Infosight KettleTag®PLUS1) or generic metal tags with stamping sized for legibility after hot-dip galvanizing. The use of temporary tags requires additional attention during racking (tiebacks, loose wires, constraints, etc.) to minimize wire marks and freezing of the tag onto the part.

1 Note: Product available for purchase from an AGA Sustaining Member