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Economic Advantages

Economic sustainability for future generations
Economic sustainability for future generations

Providing cost-effective, earth-friendly, and reliable energy requires taking the necessary steps to ensure your facility maximizes savings during construction, use, and over the life of the project. And in the power industry, even more so than other sectors, time is money –every minute a generation facility, transmission tower, or distribution line is out of service costs the utility company directly and indirectly.

Minimizing future maintenance costs is a primary reason the power market has utilized hot-dip galvanized steel for decades; however, as many specifiers in the energy sector have learned over the years, the economic savings from utilizing hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) steel begin with initial construction. Many specifiers have a misconception hot-dip galvanizing is not cost competitive on an initial cost basis; however, due to regular process improvement over the past 10 years, galvanized steel is now not only competitive but often less expensive than other corrosion protection systems initially.

True sustainable development dictates designing not only environmentally-friendly structures but also structures that are economically responsible for future generations. This is an area where hot-dip galvanized steel stands a head above the rest. Because HDG requires no maintenance for decades, a slight cost advantage initially becomes much more pronounced over time as other corrosion protection systems will require costly maintenance.