Galvanize It! Online Seminar

About the Author

The Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel for Power Infrastructure has been  reviewed by AGA Marketing Director Melissa Lindsley and AGA Executive Director Phil Rahrig.

Ms. Lindsley’s Education

BS in Journalism from the University of Kansas in December 2003
Emphasis in Strategic Communications (Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations)

Ms. Lindsley’s Experience

Melissa has worked for the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) since 2005. She started as a Marketing Coordinator, was promoted to Marketing Manager in 2007, and again to Marketing Director in 2012. Melissa has helped author and teaches ThinkZinc, a series of Sales/Marketing courses, to member personnel to educate them on the uses, competition, process, technical aspects, and benefits of hot-dip galvanizing. She leads the marketing staff and has played an integral part in shaping the marketing initiatives of the AGA, including a 3-year marketing plan for industry growth. Melissa answers technical and application questions, while in the office and on the road at various industry tradeshows. She also writes AGA’s marketing and technical publications, editorials for industry magazines, and the Marketing Guru, a regular feature in the American Galvanizer and ThinkZinc Tribune member newsletters.

Phil Rahrig’s Education

Graduate of Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Rahrig’s Experience

Since 1994, Mr. Rahrig has been the Executive Director of the American Galvanizers Association, working in all facets of market/product promotion and positioning, as well as in technical support. Additionally he is responsible for worldwide coordination of objectives with international organizations with common industry interests, such as the European General Galvanizers Association, the International Zinc Association and the American Zinc Association. His prior experience includes 10 years with U.S. Steel Distribution Division and IBM.