Galvanize It! Online Seminar

Summary: The Best of Both Worlds

A successful duplex system begins at the drawing board. By communicating with the galvanizer upfront, he/she can avoid any treatments that would impede paint/powder adhesion. Communication before the project begins can help determine the division of responsibilities by deciding who is responsible for each step of the process. This can eliminate mistakes and omissions when powder coating over galvanized steel.

In addition to what the galvanizer can control, it is imperative to properly identify the surface condition, and follow the appropriate cleaning steps for that surface condition. Finally, profiling the surface and selecting paint formulations compatible with zinc coatings will provide a successful duplex system. 

Why use a Duplex System?

Giant Squid
Giant Squid - Aspen, CO
  • Duplex systems provide corrosion protection + endless color choices for aesthetics
  • The synergistic effect between hot-dip galvanizing and paint/powder coatings mean longer life and less maintenance
  • Specifying duplex systems is simple, but requires communication and clear division of responsibility
  • Properly identifying and preparing the surface are critical to a successful duplex system


Additional Resources

The AGA offers a number of resources for architects, engineers, and other specifiers. If you require further information, or have additional questions, consider the following:

  •  the AGAs extensive website with over 500 pages of technical information and a listing of galvanizer locations and kettle capacity
  • 720-554-0900 phone line to speak to a representative of the AGA about design and/or specification of galvanized steel
  • [email protected]  you may also email us specific inquiries
  • KnowledgeBase  The AGA KnowledgeBase is a resource where you can browse common galvanizing topics by subject and get an instant answer, interact with other users, and connect with AGA experts.
  • Galvanizing Insights  quarterly AGA e-newsletter which keeps specifiers up-to-date with galvanizing by providing helpful design tips, new project highlights, technical advice, and much more.
  • AGA Project Gallery  a collection of projects and Excellence Award Winners
  • Galvanized Steel Studies  a series of short videos highlighting galvanized projects in place for at least ten years.
  • Galvanizer Locator  find a galvanizer near you, search by kettle sizes and location.
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