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Hambro Portable Parking Structure

It has become increasingly important both nationwide and globally to examine how we can work to meet the needs of our present without compromising our responsibility to maintain a prosperous future. By embracing the tenets of sustainable development - ensuring projects are socially, economically and environmentally advantageous - we are paying due tribute to these responsibilities.

Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel framing systems to support new parking structures provides many social benefits. Attractive and versatile, HDG steel frames mean speedy construction, less intrusive design, ease of expansion, and superior corrosion protection. Economically, such a framework sets up a trifecta of savings over the life of the project with economical construction, affordable functionality, and life-cycle savings. Because society is moving away from an emphasis solely on social and financial needs, it is critical to examine hard data proving "greenness" and environmental impact. As empirical life-cycle assessment data shows, hot-dip galvanized steel has a minimal impact on the environment while returning to production again and again due to the recyclability of the natural elements utilized.

All of these attributes work together to establish hot-dip galvanized steel as the most socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable solution for these transportation necessities.

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