Featured Original Equipment Manufacturing Project

Rosenbauer Viper Aerial Ladders

Rosenbauer has discovered that hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is the most cost efficient coating solution for maintenance free ladders in their industry. HDG was specified for the complete coverage of the immersion process and for the outstanding corrosion protection. The entire interior and exterior areas are protected with HDG. The intermetallic bond of the zinc as a result of HDG is approximately ten times greater than the adhesion of paint to the underlying steel. Rosenbauer guarantees the corrosion resistance on the inside and outside of their aerials for 25 years. Rosenbauer aerial ladders will outlast any aerial in the industry.

The manufacturer has worked very closely with the galvanizer to engineer and design the aerial ladder sections for hot dip galvanizing. The ladder sections are internally vented to provide a uniform finish of superior quality to the end user. The unique design allows molten zinc to reach the inside of each side rail, hand rail, diagonal, k-brace, and rung. There is constant and continuous dialogue between the manufacturer and galvanizer to minimize costs, improve upon the already superior quality, and ultimately exceed the end users expectations.

Rosenbauer Aerial sells and distributes its fire truck aerial systems across the globe.

Project Specifics

Year Galvanized
Original Equipment Manufacturing
Fremont, NE United States
Reason for Galvanizing
Aesthetics, Coating Durability, Corrosion Performance, Life-Cycle Cost, Prior HDG Experience, Quality of HDG, Sustainability
Components Galvanized
Aerial ladder sections, stabilizers and torque tube boxes
Steel: 135
HDG: 135

Project Members

Rosenbauer Aerial
Member Galvanizer(s)
Valmont Coatings - Valley Galvanizing