Dallas Signature Bridge

The duplex coating highway project was galvanized for longevity of corrosion control then painted over for aesthetic preference.

This is a signature bridge designed by Calatrava to be part of the new Dallas skyline and will be used to reconnect north and south Dallas. Developed as part of the Trinity River Project, it is called the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and spans 1,100 feet and .366 miles or 6 acres. The bridge has 11 main lanes, one reversible HOV lane, and four collector roads. An arch design, the center of the bridge is 300 feet tall.

This bridge is one of a kind specifically designed for the new Dallas skyline.

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Distant shot of bridge

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Close up of the arch of bridge

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Near the center of the bridge

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Full picture of the bridge

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Close up of post over bridge

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Coming up on the arch of the bridge

Project Specifics

Year Galvanized
Bridge & Highway
Duplex Systems
Dallas, TX United States
Reason for Galvanizing
Corrosion Performance, Quality of HDG, Sustainability
Components Galvanized
structural tube, cable and miscellaneous elements
Steel: 74
HDG: 74

Project Members

Santiago Calatrava - Santiago Calatrava
Structural & Steel Products Manufacturing, Ltd.
Member Galvanizer(s)
Sabre Galvanizing