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A primary benefit projects receive from hot-dip galvanizing is longevity. Thus, long, maintenance-free life is often the top reason for specifying hot-dip galvanized steel at the outset of a project. Since its inception in 1994, the Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards has honored innovation of hot-dip galvanized steel in newly completed projects. Recognition of new and innovative uses galvanized steel is important and refreshing, but does not showcase galvanizing's extraordinary longevity.

To remedy this oversight, the AGA introduced a new project category, Lifetime Achievement, in 2010. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors a project that has been in service at least 15 years and demonstrates hot-dip galvanized steel's resiliency. Submissions for this award have additional requirements above and beyond the newly completed projects such as coating thickness measurements and discussions with original specifiers or current owners of the project.

Preparing your Lifetime Achievement Submission

Similar to the newly completed projects, all Lifetime Achievement projects must be submitted using the online submission form. Lifetime Achievement submissions are subject to the same Eligibility and Submission Requirements as newly completed projects, with the following additions:

  • Coating Thickness measurements are required
    • Minimum of five readings in three areas of the project
    • Measurements must be a representative sample of the piece and the sample area should be in the most corrosive area that is accessible
    • Refer to ASTM E376 and A789 for detail on measuring correctly
  • Discussion with someone involved with the original design/construction or current owner is required (galvanizer does not qualify as a contact)
    • You are required to provide the contact's name and company
    • You are also required to provide a description/quote from the person about the performance of the project
  • You must submit photos from the original construction AND current day photos