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Focus Groups

Throughout the years,  AGA has organized focus groups to collaborate on various vertical markets.

The AGA Member Handbook & Directory, which includes the associations bylaws outlines the following Mission Statement for Market and Product Focus Groups:

To give a vertical market orientation to the marketing effort of the AGA staff and interested members in order to maximize the impact of programs and financial resources.

The AGA Member Handbook & Directory identifies a number of focus groups, which are areas of focus for marketing initiatives, but the following are currently active:

  • Rebar Focus Group
  • Steel Pole Focus Group

The goals and various markets/products targeted by the AGA are found in the Handbook. The AGA and MDC evaluates these focus groups regularly, and activates or deactivates them accordingly. Focus groups are an excellent way to get more involved with the AGA and potentially direct AGA resources toward a market in which you are already strategically positioned or would like to be. If you are interested in any of the focus groups, please contact Marketing Director John Krzywicki for more information.