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Powering Our Future

The state of the power market is currently in flux. It isn’t certain how changes in power generation will affect the market overall in years to come, but it is pertinent for future generations that we continue to think creatively about our power resources.

Galvanized structure
Galvanized structure

Despite not knowing where the power market is headed and what generation sources will be utilized, hot-dip galvanized steel has many performance benefits that can enhance corrosion protection regardless of how power is generated. The power grid is poised for significant growth and changes in the near future, and hot-dip galvanized steel’s durability and longevity in varied environments, as well as its low economic and environmental impact, will help ensure a sustainable power future for generations to come. 

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Additional Resources

The AGA offers a number of resources for architects, engineers, and other specifiers. If you require further information, or have additional questions, consider the following:

  • – the AGA’s extensive website with over 500 pages of technical information and a listing of galvanizer locations and kettle capacity
  • 720-554-0900– phone line to speak to a representative of the AGA about design and/or specification of galvanized steel
  • – you may also email us specific inquiries
  • KnowledgeBase – The AGA KnowledgeBase is a resource where you can browse common galvanizing topics by subject and get an instant answer, interact with other users, and connect with AGA experts.
  • Galvanizing Insights – quarterly AGA e-newsletter which keeps specifiers up-to-date with galvanizing by providing helpful design tips, new project highlights, technical advice, and much more.
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