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Vendor Opportunities

TechForum 2020 is being hosted as a virtual event throughout October. The AGA knows many sustaining members (suppliers) look forward to showcasing thier prodcuts and services at the TechForum MarketPlace. Although we cannot replace that networking opportunity, the AGA has come up with two FREE opportunities for suppliers to get in front of galvanizers during the Virtual Event: Promotion Slide/Video and Networking Events. 

Vendor Promotion Slides/Videos

The AGA is planning short vendor "breaks" between the technical presentations each day. Suppliers can either submit a presentation slide containing some promotional content with a short 2-3 sentence script (which will be read by AGA staff). Or submit up to a 30-second video showcasing your products/services. The AGA Marketing Team can assist with design/formatting of the slide, but videos must be submitted in final form with no more than 30 seconds run time. 

This opportunity is free and available first come, first served by emailing Senior Corrosion Engineer Alana Fossa

Networking Events

At the end of each day's presentations, the AGA has reserved a 30 minute Networking Opportunity. Sustaining members can reserve a time slot on a first come, first served basis. The AGA will provide the resources to market, host, manage and moderate the event through our ZOOM account. 

Events must be social/networking in nature. Purely promotional (sales pitch) events will not be accepted.Suggestions include happy hour, roundtable discussions, trivia or other games, or Q&A. Feel free to get creative or ask the AGA for help brainstorming ideas and organizing the logistics/execution. 

Reserve your networking spot today by emailing a request to Senior Corrosion Engineer Alana Fossa.

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