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Dr. Tom Langill

Technical Director Emeritus

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Experience & Education

  • 27 years - Technical Director 
  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
  • MS in Physics, John Carroll University
  • BS in Physics, John Carroll University
  • ASTM Fellow
  • ASTM La Que Award

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

Talking to many different people in the industry and connected with galvanizing.

My Most Significant Contribution to Our Members/Industry

Developing and teaching the Master Galvanizer Process Seminars.

What I Consider the Most Interesting/Impactful Thing About HDG

Corrosion protection for a very long time with so little material in the coating.  Preserving the infrastructure.

Other Interesting Things that Shape My Life

Outside of work, I love to play with my grandkids. 

Random Fact

I once pitched a no hitter in slow-pitch softball. 

Words of Wisdom

Always be ready to re-examine something you thought you knew when someone challenges what you say.

Favorite Quote

"So many books, so little time."