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Infrastructure Week 2017- Introduction to Structural Design of Steel Buried Bridges Webinar

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The AGA in conjunction with the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) invites you to attend a FREE 1-hour webinar that will examineof steel buried bridges on Thursday, May 18 at 11am ET. This webinar will be presented by Michael McGough of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, Joel Hahm of Big R Bridge, and Brian Flint of CONTECH Engineered Solutions LLC. Webinar attendees will see the slides as they are presented, and can follow along with audio through the computer or over the phone. After completing the webinar attendees will receive a certificate of completion and the AGA will file credit for those who provide an AIA and/or PE member number. 


Introduction to Structural Design of Steel Buried Bridges (Non-seismic)

Introduces attendees to the structural design of steel buried bridges. These types of bridges are being used as an alternative to traditional bridge systems when replacing or installing new bridge systems because of their reduced costs, accelerated bridge construction (ABC), improved environmental characteristics and sustainability, and reduced maintenance. This webinar discusses sample designs and demonstrates the impacts of varying design inputs and assumptions. 

Webinar Presenters

  • Michael McGough, National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
  • Joel Hahm, Big R Bridge
  • Brian Flint, CONTECH Engineered Solutions LLC

Webinar Outline

  • Description of buried bridges
  • Design and installation of steel buried bridges
  • Case Studies
  • Question and answer session