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Bergen County Parking Garage Solar Canopy

The Bergen County Parking Garage Solar Canopy is constructed of steel joists and girders engineered specifically to house solar panels on the rooftop of the garage with no impact to the structures parking slots. Bergen County’s prior success with galvanizing on their bridge projects made hot-dip galvanizing a stand alone choice for this project as it could withstand the coastal New Jersey weather and offer them longevity with minimal future maintenance. The need for a quality product was crucial because of the high visibility of the garage. The maintenance-free qualities of galvanizing supported with direct attention between the engineer, fabricator and galvanizer placed upon the design of the project ensured a high-quality design that would be visually pleasing as well as structurally sound for decades to come. The catch phrase “erect it and forget it” was uttered during the preliminary specification discussions and reiterated at the completion of the project. Not only are the joists supporting renewable energy, but the steel used in the project was produced from recycled scraps. Couple that with the savings the community will receive due to the power generated from the solar panels, the Bergen County Parking Garage Solar Canopy was a win-win for all.

An aggressive schedule of completion was established for this roof system with the owner and contracting team heavily dependent upon an expeditious delivery. The assurance the galvanizing process would not be held up by inclement weather or other unforeseen obstacles allowed them to concentrate on other challenges. The project was completed ahead of schedule, in large thanks to their choice of hot-dip galvanizing. In addition, the galvanized product made the erection process easier as the joist and girders had to be lifted upon the roof of a multi-story parking garage. The durable coating minimized touch-up areas and facilitated the speedy completion with nominal disruption.

Project Specifics

Year Galvanized
Building & Architecture
Electrical, Utility & Communication
Paterson , NJ United States
Reason for Galvanizing
Coating Durability, Corrosion Performance, Life-Cycle Cost, Prior HDG Experience, Sustainability, Turnaround Time
Components Galvanized
36-girders 56' long
442-joist 14'-54' long
Steel: 150
HDG: 150

Project Members

Innovative Engineering, Inc.
SunLight General Capital
Canam Steel Corp.
Structural Steel Fabricators Inc.
Pfister Energy
Member Galvanizer(s)
American Galvanizing Co., Inc.